Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 2

What are some of the similarities and differences in experiences of racism globally? In general, describe the “exploiter and exploited” relationship.  Discuss specific parallels between U.S., France, Brazil and South Africa. 

I believe some of the similarities of racism on a global spectrum would definitely have to be the rise of capitalism and colonialism. These two concepts are the majority of the reason as to why so many racial groups have been deprived and stripped of their human rights, suffering from slavery, discrimination, racism, and more just to name a few. Historically, the U.S. and France share some commonalities since colonialism stemmed from Europe. All four of these countries have experienced the effects of the Eugenics movement. In Brazil however, the Afro-Brazilians still are ostracized and face extreme oppression. 

How has racism influenced the history of housing and urban development in the United States?

Racism and classism go hand in hand. You cannot talk about one subject without talking about the other. With that being said, institutionalized racism is hurting this nation and in effect has caused gentrification. Austin is one of the country's most segregated cities and it's due to gentrification. Austin is making it impossible for African American and Latinos to reside in this city. Do you think this is a coincidence that we no longer can afford housing? That property taxes and prices have tripled since 2007? No. This is all because of institutionalized racism. 

Tatum’s article discusses three barriers to talking about issues of race and racism with students in a classroom setting.  What are these?

Individual's concept of identity, dominant group is not conscious about their authorities and privileges, and many people are both dominant and subordinate.

Finally, following Peggy McIntosh’s format, list a few of your privileges and your overall reaction to this article.

I identify myself as a Latina. Latinos have also been historically oppressed and still continue to be so, regardless of that, I am still blessed to have so many other privileges to be grateful for:
1. Breaking the cycle of poverty that consumes my community in Houston, by pursuing a post-secondary education
2. A God-fearing mother who has taught me the the importance of having strong worth-ethic, education, and to follow my dreams.
3. Although my family is dysfunctional as most are, I am blessed to come from a 2 parent household as most children in my generation do not have this opportunity.
4. I am grateful for my health and the fact that I am physically able to conquer my dreams.
5. I am grateful for attending The University of Texas one of the top universities in the WORLD 
6. I am grateful for having a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food in my stomach.
7. Last but not least, I am grateful for even having the most basic component of what makes a person American...having a social security number. 

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