Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week 3

What was the most surprising information you learned from the two readings on the history of East Austin?  How does the information you read about compare to what others have said or think about East Austin.  

Most of the information in the readings wasn't new information for me because I had studied this in other classes. I believe everyone in Austin, especially the new East Austin Austinites, should read these 2 intriguing articles so they can really know what East Austin is all about. Those who are afraid of East Austin, or believe it's the bad side of town because of the high influx of Latino and African Americans should know that institutionalized racism and the master plan in 1928 are some of the causes of all these economic, social, and political disparities. What I did not know before was what kind of homes or businesses used to encompass this area. After learning that East Austin used to have a lot of hometown heroes and services for the community when it was first established was enlightening for me and made me appreciate this side of town more than I already did. The collectiveness of the community was truly beautiful in the early 1900's and I believe with the right tools, resources, and determination, East Austin can still save their rich culture and history from the extreme gentrification it is facing. 

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