Thursday, October 16, 2014

Week 4

After reviewing the material about gentrification listed in Blackboard-Course Documents, discuss an example of gentrification in your own home town, or another city or state in US or in another country.  How is gentrification affecting cities around the world?  Is Austin's gentrification unique in some ways?  Yes or No, explain.

Gentrification is not only occurring in Austin, but it is occurring all over the country where majority of inner-city neighborhoods exist. An example of this is right in the city where I was born and raised - Houston. Currently, Houston's historical Third Ward is undergoing extreme gentrification. Third Ward alike East Austin, holds much African American history and culture. White plight took place in Third Ward, and African Americans successfully established their own institutions, shops, and businesses collectively and thrived. Today, Third Ward is at the heart of Houston - downtown, highways, and the Port of Houston are catching the attention of Caucasians, which in effect has increased property value. All around the world gentrification is happening except with different groups of course. I personally don't believe east Austin's gentrification is unique compared to other cities around the world. Gentrification has been occurring for the last decade, except now it is catching the attention of many people, an issue that has been ignored for too long. East Austin's gentrification is a wake up call for many scholars, students, and new residents from UT and over the nation, who are unfamiliar or have never been exposed to this phenomena. The first step in making a difference and saving these neighborhoods is AWARENESS.

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